Imperium Airsoft

Standing rule set at IMPERIUM!

The Airsoft Basics:

  • The number one rule at Imperium is the infamous ‘Wheaton Rule’, which is DON’T BE A DICK. If what you are doing is going to spoil the other person day, or is negative in any way, DO NOT DO IT.
  • Make sure everyone else is having a great time, be positive, helpful and show great sportsmanship, if you do that, the other 199 players will be doing it for you and your day will be fantastic.
  • Take your Hits. Call HIT loudly. Keep a hand up. Do not move and follow the medic rules.
  • Don’t cheat call / get angry / swear / shout / or moan.
  • Dead Players DO NOT TALK.
  • Be conscientious, keep safety of yourself and others in mind.
  • No overkill, 2 second bursts only.
  • Avoid headshots and burst fire at close range.
  • No ‘Blind’ fire, use your sights, Identify your Targets.
  • You should present a target when taking shots(not poke your gun through gaps etc!)
  • Be a good sportsman, stay cool, look after yourself and others.
  • YOU make the day, go out to enjoy it, go out to BE SHOT, and be shot well! (not to shoot) stay positive and have as much FUN as possible. Be a great example and role model to others!
  • Your belongings are your responsibility; lock them in your vehicle or leave them at home! Imperium accepts no liability for loss or damage to your belongings while on site.

FPS Chrono and Roles:

All FPS limits are guidelines only, we will measure for acceptable levels using your game weight BB’s and measuring for Joule Muzzle energy at Chrono.

All Guns to be used must be subject to Chrono after booking on and carry the appropriate tag. We will random Chrono throughout the day.

If you deliberately enter the game without a valid Chrono check of your RIF by us, and are caught using a RIF which is in excess of UK legal limits you will be banned from site and we are under obligation to report the offence to the police (use of a section 5 firearm) and will share your details with other UKARA sites. There are no excuses.


  • Max 360 FPS with .20 / must be less than 1.3 Joules with .25 BB
  • MED: No minimum engagement.
  • Ammo Carry Limit: as many mags as you can carry


  • Max 360 FPS with .20 / must be less than 1.3 Joules with .25 BB
  • MED: No minimum engagement.
  • Full Auto: 2 Second Burst Only (no limit at Skirmish)
  • Ammo Carry Limit: 600 (no limit at Skirmish)
  • Reload at Designated FOB / Regen / Safe Zone only. Mag Sharing OK. (no limit at Skirmish)
  • Camo Rules: Skirmish anything goes, Ground War No full/half Ghillie or Snoods.


  • FPS: Max 360 /
  • must be less than 1.3 Joules with .25 BB
  • Full Auto: Standing – 2 second burst Only (no limit at Skirmish)
  • MED: No minimum engagement.
  • Full Auto: Prone / Fixed Position + Bipod deployed: 4 Second Burst (no limit at Skirmish)
    MED: 10m Minimum engagement when Prone
  • Ammo Carry Limit: 1200 Round Carry Limit with Reload at designated FOB / Regen / Safe Zone only (no limit at Skirmish)
  • Requirements: Side arm for engaging within minimums.
  • Camo Rules: Skirmish anything goes, Ground War No full/half Ghillie or Snoods.


  • FPS: 450 FPS with .20 / must be less than 1.88 Joules with .40 BB
  • MED: 30m minimum engagement
  • Delay: 2 Second Delay / 1 Shot has landed prior to firing again.
  • Semi Auto Locked.
  • Ammo Carry Limit: 300 (no limit at Skirmish)
  • Requirements: Non HPA & SEMI AUTO ONLY Side arm for engaging within minimums.
  • Camo Rules: Skirmish anything goes, Ground War Full Ghillie not permitted, Snood Only.


  • FPS: 500 / must be less than 2.4 Joules with .40 BB
  • MED: 30 meter minimum engagement
  • Ammo Carry Limit: 300 (no limit at Skirmish)
  • Requirements: Non HPA & SEMI AUTO ONLY Side arm for engaging within minimums
  • Camo Rules: Skirmish Anything goes, Ground War Full Ghillie Permitted


  • All HPA platforms must fall within the above joule limits depending on their role / build configuration
  • The HPA valves must be mechanically locked by us with a tag so it cannot be tampered with without tools within the play area.
  • no full auto capable hpa pistols as backup for sniper / dmr loadout.
  • anyone caught without a tag, cheating chrono, adjusting regulator in the field or being over site limits in the game zone will be removed from the event without a refund.
  • max .43g bb in hpa pistols and AEG.
  • Max .46 in DMR Build
  • Max .50 in bolt Sniper
  • 0.58g-0.62g FULL THRUST BBs from Novritsch and the FULL THRUST system use is prohibited.


  • MK5 Thunderflash / MK5 Ball grenade have 5m Kill Radius
  • Enola Gaye, Flash Bang Smoke are generally OK brands to use.
  • No MK 9 or home brew, ever.
  • No Tag, Mortar, or anything above mk5 at Skirmish events.
  • Tag products / mortars / mk7 ok at Ground War with Permission from head marshal – talk to us before the safety briefing.
  • Smoke for Cover / Allowing Movement or Stopping Vehicles.
  • Smoke – Do not shoot through very dense smoke as it could be classed as blind fire.

Vehicle Mounted Weapons:

  • FPS: Max 370 / 1.3j Max Full Auto: Rock and Roll
  • MED: Come get some
  • Ammo Carry Limit: Buckets

High Caps. We would prefer all players operate using Mid Caps or Low Caps and avoid high caps (anything goes at Skirmish). We understand that is not always possible but do actively encourage this. You really are missing out on something by using High Caps, it’s called Immersion!

Box Mags: No BOX mags EVER on non support weapons (anything goes at Skirmish) Support Weapons we prefer you use High Caps however we understand this is not always possible so please ensure your Support Box Mag is only loaded to your maximum Ammo Carry of 1200 Rounds and used as described below.

No Loose Ammo / Bottles / Bags / Speed loaders (Exception made for some snipers, please ask). Keep this gear and ammo at designated FOB / Regen and reload there (no such rule at Skirmish).

Medic Rules:

  • Armband starts on right arm.

If you get hit by a grenade, or are stabbed you are immediately dead, Shout Hit if a Grenade or if knifed, quietly remove your armband and return to regen.

If you are hit by a BB, it’s OK your buddies might save you as below:


  • First HIT. Player is now ‘wounded’ and out of play
  • Player calls ‘HIT’
  • Player repeats calls of ‘Medic’
  • Player MUST NOT remove armband themselves.
  • Player MUST WAIT and BLEED OUT only after 3 minutes if no help comes.
  • Team mate can drag wounded player to cover at normal pace.
  • Any team mate can remove right armband, move it to left arm.
  • Play continues.
  • Second ‘Hit’
  • Player calls ‘HIT!’
  • Player removes left armband and holds it aloft and heads to a regen point.

Hits that DO count:

  • All hits to any part of the body, clothing or webbing
  • Friendly Fire.
  • Simulated Knife Kill to Torso (only hit to be taken silently)
  • MK5 TF / MK5 BG 5m Kill Radius
  • Anything you’re unsure of.
  • Special Hits by Marshal’s – Airstrike / Artillery / Mortar etc.

Hits that DO NOT count:

  • Weapon hits
  • Obvious Confirmed ricochets (if in doubt, call yourself out!)
  • Bang Kills / Players shouting Bang at you – just shoot them

Vehicle Rules:

Enemy Combatant:

  • Do not deliberately shoot at Vehicles
  • Only engage a vehicle combatant on single shot.
  • To stop a vehicle, throw / detonate smoke in it’s path.
  • To disable a vehicle, throw / detonate pyro within 5 meters in front of it (NOT AT IT!)
  • The Crew and Infantry will be compelled to exit the cab to investigate, setup and secure a perimeter while smoke clears
  • Do not engage enemy who are actively exiting the vehicle.
  • Do not throw pyro directly into vehicles.


  • When attacked, or pyro detonates within 5 meters, crew and infantry excluding top gunner, should exit the vehicle to investigate, setup and secure a perimeter while smoke clears, only re-mounting vehicle when area is secured.


  • Marshalls Only (non player).
  • 10 mph speed limit.
  • Must ensure all passengers are seated prior to moving.
  • Must stay on tracks
  • No cross country unless authorised driver or guided by authorised banksman
  • No lakes!
  • No large slopes or side cambers.
  • Can manoeuvre only with banksman.
  • Must stop at first sign of activity/smoke/pyro and apply handbrake..

Top cover gunner.

  • Normal hit rules apply.
  • Driver can Medic you

Friendly Combatant:

  • Stand clear of moving vehicles.
  • Can follow vehicles at safe distance.
  • Avoid using vehicle as cover while engaging enemy. Do not lie in the bed of the vehicle, you must either exit or present a target and engage the enemy

The HIT Ethos:

Honesty, Integrity, Trust. – Be honest, operate with Integrity and trust in others to do the same.

Abuse of our ethos or rules could lead to an immediate ‘Request to Leave’ or RTL, If a serious incident has occured you may at our sole discretion be immediately and permanently banned. If you are requested to leave, the reason will be explained to you, and you will be escorted from the site without refund. Any abuse of staff during this process will lead to an immediate and permanent future ban and reporting to all sites in the area.

Non Hit taking, leading to an RTL:

  • You will be asked to leave the site if you cannot take hits.
  • Players who are unable to take hits will be ‘RTL’
  • Being new, ignorant, excited, tired or being a power player are not a defence.. take your hits or do not come.

At our sole discretion a player will get the benefit of the doubt on their first offence with the exception of an experienced Marshal, or player marshal teamed with the offending player, being witness to an obvious attempt to play through a hit. An example being, a flinch or expressing pain after receiving a hit, but carrying on play, a breach of our HIT Ethos and instant RTL.

Generally speaking, a player who receives an RTL for non hit taking only, is welcome to play at a future events but is subject to further RTL’s to a maximum of 3 visits, after which a permanent future ban is imposed.

Behaviours that leads to RTL and typically a permanent ban:

Dishonest play of any kind

Cheating of Chrono or deliberate use of a Section 5 Firearm.

Destruction or damage to property or vehicles.

Unsafe behaviour

Unsporting behaviour

Shouting of obscenity’s.

Toxic behaviour to the detriment of Imperium or others.

Bullying or any form of abuse directed at other players or staff.

Threats of or acts of Violence towards anyone.

Any criminal activity will be reported to the authorities including deliberate Section 5 Firearm use (hot guns above legal limits).

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